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Meet Our Associates

(1) #Company# Irene Nielsen is a Certified Tea Consultant and owner of Irene's Teas which provides a very special commodity and experience. Irene's Teas are imported largely from China, Sri Lanka, and India. Her Master Tea Blender visits the estates before selecting her teas. Irene will work with their importer and tea blender to make your own tea spectacularly yours.

It is important to Irene that the tea estate village maintain human rights, dignity and services for the people. Irene features only these teas in her offerings and is pleased to present a selection of private label tea selections which are now available here. Click Here to visit Irene's Teas web site.

(2) Larson & Associates will be providing a variety of offerings that will have a diversity of interest. These will gradually be introduced as become available. Please feel free to use the Contact Us page to share what your interest would be for future offerings. Thank you.

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