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The Russian Samovar, which means literally "self heater" was developed in Moscow in the late 1700s. The elegant server was traditionally used by brewing a very strong concentrated tea in the pot that sits above the larger water boiler. The strong tea was poured into a cup and watered down with hot water to customize the strength of the tea to the tead drinker. At one time in Russian history, no cafe, drawing room or restaurant was without a Samovar in a prominent corner of the room.

In many of the world's finest tea rooms, Samovars have once again begun to add a touch of elegance to tea service. The Samovar, which can be used with all loose teas, has no peer in terms of practicality and visual appeal. A gold or silver Samovar will enhance your room and the tea drinking experience.

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BEEM Royal Gold Russian Samovar
BEEM Royal Russian Samovar - 18/10 Stainless steel, 24 kt. gold plated

This elegant Samovar is a visual sign of a traditional "understated" elegance and hospitality.

Price: $4,550.00

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